IEEE Forms 802.3 400Gbps Ethernet Study Group

A new IEEE Standards Association study group will explore the development of a 400Gbps Ethernet standard.

The IEEE Standards Association recently announced an IEEE 802.3 study group formed “to explore development of a 400 Gb/s Ethernet standard to efficiently support ever-increasing, exponential network bandwidth growth.”

According to the announcement, in 2012, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment report forecasted that networks would need to support capacity requirements of 1Tbps in 2015 and 10Tbps by 2020 if current growth trends continue.

“The IEEE 802.3 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group will look at traditional technical issues that are both internal and external to Ethernet devices. Chip-to-chip and chip-to-module interfaces will be the primary concerns inside the box, while box-to-box communications enabled by copper twin-axial cabling, and multi-mode and single-mode fiber will also undoubtedly be considered,” said John D’Ambrosia, chair of the new study group and Chief Ethernet Evangelist, CTO Office, Dell, in an article posted on Manufacturing.Net.

Individuals interested in the future of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet wireline standards are invited to contribute to the study group, which is scheduled to meet during the IEEE 802.1/802.3 May 2013 Joint Interim to be held May 14-17 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.