AMD Announces a New Low-Power Embedded Processor

Low-power Embedded G-T16R Processor takes on the industry's green challenge.

AMD has added the Embedded G-T16R Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) to the AMD Embedded G-Series processor family. According to the announcement, the AMD G-T16R is targeted at very low power, small form factor, and cost-sensitive embedded designs that require a combination of x86 compatibility and graphics. The company states that the optimized unit consumes just 2.3 watts on average or 4.5 watts thermal design power.

The new AMD Embedded G-Series APU offers the following features:

  •  Fits into small form factor boards
  • Legacy I/O card support based on a full 32-bit PCI interface and an ISA bus solution with DMA support
  • Support for a full range of display technologies, with analog VGA and LVDS support for legacy apps and DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort interfaces for the latest display technology.

According to the announcement, the AMD Embedded G-T16R APU is designed to help reduce product development and life cycle costs through a common scalable platform design that spans the entire AMD Embedded G-Series. The AMD G-T16R APU is also available at various price points, allowing designers to easily incorporate it into cost-sensitive embedded applications. For more information, click here.