AMD Selected for Extreme-Scale Computing Research

AMD and the US Department of Energy partner in FastForward R&D.

AMD announced that it has been selected to receive US$ 12.6 million for two research projects associated with the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Extreme-Scale Computing Research and Development Program, known as “FastForward.” According to the announcement, the DOE award provides up to US$ 9.6 million to AMD for processor-related research and up to US$ 3 million for memory-related research.

The announcement states that the FastForward program is a jointly funded collaboration between the DOE Office of Science and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) “to initiate partnerships with multiple companies to accelerate the research and development of critical technologies needed for extreme scale computing, on the path toward exascale computing. 

“To prepare for the next phase of extreme scale computing, NNSA and DOE Office of Science are taking a proactive step in jointly making strategic investments in key areas such as processor, file storage and memory technologies with AMD and others,” said Thuc Hoang of DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration. “A key to successfully developing next-generation HPC capabilities is bringing together the know-how and best minds of industry leaders and national labs to work on this grand challenge.”