AlmaLinux Launches HPC and AI Special Interest Group

New group will support HPC users working on AlmaLinux and will represent the needs of the HPC community to the AlmaLinux development team.

The AlmaLinux community has announced the launch of a new special interest group (SIG) dedicated to HPC and AI. AlmaLinux, which began life as an independent RHEL clone, has gained traction in the HPC market recently as developers rush to replace CentOS, which Red Hat has moved upstream. The new AlmaLinux HPC and AI SIG will be a forum for AlmaLinux users in the HPC and AI space to “share knowledge, offer assistance, and foster a collaborative environment.”

The organizers also hope the SIG will serve as a means for informing the AlmaLinux developers about the needs of the HPC and AI communities. According to the announcement, “The SIG acts as a voice for the community, ensuring that their perspectives, challenges, and requirements are heard and understood by the broader AlmaLinux development team. By actively engaging with users, listening to their feedback, and advocating for necessary improvements or features, we strive to shape the future direction of AlmaLinux to better serve the HPC and AI community. Through our efforts, we aim to foster a strong and symbiotic relationship between AlmaLinux and the HPC and AI community, enabling continuous innovation and growth for both.”

To learn more about the AlmaLinux HPC and AI SIG, sign up the the mailing list or tune into the SIG’s Mattermost chat channel.