AMD Launches FirePro Graphics Cards

FirePro S9000 and S7000 graphic cards offer a flexible and scalable solution for data centers.

AMD has launched AMD FirePro S9000 and S7000, which according to the announcement are the industry’s “most powerful dual- and single-slot server graphics cards for compute, virtual desktop infrastructure and workstation graphics deployments in data centers.”

The AMD FirePro S9000 and S7000, which are equipped with next-generation Graphics Core Next architecture and intelligent AMD PowerTune and ZeroCore Power technologies, reduce power consumption by up to 95% at idle, resulting in greater savings and reduced operating costs in the data center. According to the company, they allow IT managers to effectively address a number of data center challenges, while empowering users to manage intense workloads securely from virtually anywhere in the world at virtually any time.

Both server graphics cards offer a flexible and scalable solution that is capable of supporting remote desktop deployments, render farms, traditional workstation graphics applications, and HPC implementations requiring massive floating point calculations. Additionally, both the AMD FirePro S9000 and S7000 server graphics are rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance for demanding server environments and are supported by AMD’s 24-hour customer support. The AMD FirePro S9000 server graphics card is available at a MSRP of US$ 2,499, and the AMD FirePro S7000 server graphics card is priced at an MSRP of US$ 1,249.