AMD Releases New APP SDK and CodeXL Tool Suite

New software tools provide support for AMD's APU and GPU products.

AMD has released APP SDK 2.8 along with the CodeXL unified tool suite to  help developers accelerate applications with AMD accelerated processing units (APUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs). The Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) SDK 2.8 and CodeXL tool suite provide access to code samples, white papers, libraries, and tools for quickly and efficiently creating apps.

The APP SDK is a complete development platform for developing applications accelerated by AMD APP technology. According to the announcement, APP SDK 2.8 includes new and improved samples and documentation for OpenCL, C++ AMP, and Aparapi. APP SDK 2.8 also includes a preview version of AMD’s new open source C++ template library, codenamed “Bolt.” The Bolt programming model is C++ template programming (similar to the C++ Standard Template Library), allowing developers to code in a familiar environment similarly to how they program for multicore CPUs.

Version 1.0 of CodeXL is a developer tool suite that allows developers to take advantage of AMD’s high-performance CPUs, GPUs, and APUs across a wide array of computing platforms. CodeXL includes comprehensive GPU debugging, GPU and CPU profiling, static OpenCL kernel analysis, and a standalone user interface on Windows and Linux for enhanced accessibility and navigation. For more information about these tools, visit AMD Developer Central.