Adept Project Releases Tools for Power Optimization

Three-year study concludes with new open source tools for more efficient energy usage.

The three-year Adept project, which was convened to develop state-of-the-art tools for measuring and optimizing power usage in HPC systems, concluded with the release of a suite of open source tools. The Adept tool suite includes:

  • Adept Benchmark Suite – a collection of power management and performance benchmark tests
  • The Adept Power Management Infrastructure – a hardware-based solution for measuring power usage over time
  • The Adept Power and Performance Prediction Tool – a tool that predicts how a specific softare program will perform on a specific hardware configuration.

See the project website for information on how to obtain the Adept tool suite. The Adept project was funded under the European Seventh Framework program and was coordinated at the University of Edinburgh's EPCC supercomputing center.