Altair Launches New HPC Tools

Altair Engineering announces the release of two new applications to help manage HPC workloads: Compute Manager and PBS Desktop.

According to the announcement, Compute Manager is the first foundational block in Altair’s plans to build a modern, web-based enterprise simulation platform, providing an affordable solution to increase HPC productivity. Compute Manager, which is offered as part of Altair’s HyperWorks Enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform, lets users submit, manage, and review workloads on distributed resources and streamline complex analysis with a few mouse clicks.

Compute Manager provides a complete set of capabilities to configure and maintain settings in an HPC environment, as well as a web-based interface for submitting and monitoring jobs in PBS Professional clusters.

Additionally, Altair has released the PBS Desktop app, which is a job submission tool for supporting PBS Professional jobs from the desktop. PBS Desktop, which is free with the purchase of Altair’s PBS Professional, allows users to submit jobs for processing with a simple drag and drop.

PBS Desktop runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems and lets users eliminate the practice of submitting jobs through the command line and manually transferring files in and out of the system. It lets users inspect running jobs and automatically returns a copy of all the files to the user’s desktop when the job is completed. For more information about these products, visit: