Altair Updates Compute Manager

Altair releases Compute Manager 11.1, an enhanced version of its high-performance computing portal that simplifies the setup, monitoring, and visualization of simulations.

Key highlights of the new version of Compute Manager are: real-time access to the remote filesystem of the PBS Professional cluster; advanced job monitoring capability that allows visualization of animation and plot data for both running and completed jobs; and a centralized configuration system for defining users and their groups.

Compute Manager 11.1 also offers built-in 3D and 2D visualization of running and completed jobs. This feature lets users see 3D animations in their web browsers using a browser plugin as well as view 2D plots in the form of line graphs. No third-party applications are required for these visualization capabilities.

According to the announcement, Compute Manager 11.1 gives admins fine-grained access control over who has access to which portions of the application. The new Access Management Service provides a centralized configuration system for defining users and their groups, allowing users to share application profiles with other specified individuals and/or groups. Administrators can define rules and restrictions, and applications and servers can be hidden or exposed, depending on policy.