BeeGFS Parallel Filesystem Goes Open Source

Project wants BeeGFS users to “understand exactly what is happening under the hood.”

The developers of the BeeGFS parallel filesystem have announced that BeeGFS is now available as open source. BeeGFS is a cluster filesystem for I/O intensive workloads with the focus on high performance and easy installation. The source code is available for download at the BeeGFS website.

The BeeGFS project, which is sponsored by the professional service company ThinkParQ, was already available free of charge and was typically distributed through turnkey solutions by ThinkParQ's network of international partners.

The project originally announced a desire to release the source code for BeeGFS in 2013 as part of the European Commission's DEEP-ER exascale project. According to ThinkParQ CEO Sven Breuner, “While some of our users are just happy with the fact that BeeGFS is so easy to install and doesn’t require much attention, others really want to understand exactly what is happening under the hood to further optimize the runtime of their applications, improve their monitoring, or port it to other platforms like BSD. Also, being able to build BeeGFS for non-x86 architectures like ARM and Power is another important aspect that the community has been waiting for.”

The GeeGFS developers are currently working with the European ExaNeST project to “develop and prototype evolved solutions for interconnection networks, persistent storage, and cooling, specifically on ARM systems.”

See the press release at the BeeGFS site for additional information.