Center for Data Innovation Sounds Alarm for More US HPC Funding

New report recommends additional US$10Billion to meet the demand for resources.

The Center for Data Innovation has released a report with recommendations on how the US can increase access to Supercomputing resources. According to the report, the US should increase funding for supercomputing by $10Billion over the next five years to meet the demand for HPC resources.

The report recommends that the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the US Department of Energy be proactive in a way that will maximize access, such as focusing a greater share of funds on states with “…low HPC availability but high AI research potential.”

The report also recommends expanding the pool of HPC professionals by encouraging diversity and ensuring that HPC is well integrated into existing academic programs. “...creating a well-prepared HPC workforce will require all students with computer science backgrounds to have clear, structured pathways into the HPC workforce. To ensure students with terminal two-year computer science degrees or who transfer from community colleges can seamlessly move into upper-division coursework at four-year colleges without having to spend time duplicating technical fundamentals, NSF should provide funding for consortiums of two-year colleges and four-year colleges to work together in developing structured HPC curriculums.

For more information, read the full report, or see the summary at the Center for Data Innovation website.