Friday October 18 is National Exascale Day

Panel discussion webcast and other events will celebrate the dawn of the exascale HPC era.

Get ready to celebrate. Friday, October 18 will be the first annual National Exascale Day. The US Department of Energy’s Exascale Project (ECP), along with Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Cray, IBM, and other vendors will join in the event to raise awareness about the wonders that will unfold in our future of exascale computing.

The organizers plan a panel discussion by online webcast at 11:00 US Eastern Time Friday. Other parties and social media events sponsored by HPC labs and workgroups around the country will highlight the benefits of exascale. You may be wondering why did they chose October 18 for the celebration. Instead of writing it as 10/18, write it this way: 10**18. (Get it?)

For more information, see the ECP website.

Tomorrow is National Exascale Day