Fujitsu Releases Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server V1.0

Fujitsu says their Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server increases reliability and processing performance.

Fujitsu has announced the Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server V1.0, a software package that, according to the vendor, substantially raises reliability and processing performance. The system features Apache Hadoop open source software in combination with Fujitsu’s proprietary distributed filesystem for parallel distributed processing of big data.

By combining Apache Hadoop 1.0.0 with Fujitsu’s proprietary distributed filesystem, the software allows for improved data integrity and enhanced reliability. According to the announcement, with Fujitsu’s filesystem, Apache Hadoop’s single point of failure can be resolved through redundant operations using a master server that employs Fujitsu cluster technology, thereby ensuring high reliability.

The software also eliminates the need for transferring data to Hadoop processing servers, thereby providing improved processing performance. According to the announcement, processing can be performed by directly accessing data stored in the storage system.

The new server software also uses a “Smart Set-up” feature based on Fujitsu’s smart software technology. Thus, the system can automatically install and configure a pre-constructed system image on multiple servers at one time for quick system and server deployment.

Additionally, Fujitsu will provide support to companies in their efforts to leverage big data through services that assist with deployment, including Apache Hadoop deployment. For more details, including pricing and availability, visit: