Intel Announces New Processors and a New Project

Chip giant rolls out new Xeon Phi co-processors and joins with HP to announce a new HPC center.

Intel and HP recently announced new plans to expand their high-performance-computing activities.
Intel's Vice President of Datacenter & Connected Systems Group, Rajeeb Hazra, presented three new families of Xeon Phi co-processors as part of his keynote address at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC'13). The new 7100 family has the highest performance and the most memory. The 3100 family is lower-priced but not so powerful. The 5100 Family has been optimized for very high packing density. A predecessor of the newly released Xeon Phi models just made the news as part of  China's Tianhe-2, the worlds fastest supercomputer.
Intel has also joined with HP to establish a Joint Open Centre of Excellence for High Performance computing in Grenoble, which will help customers, developers, and manufacturers with benchmarks and proof-of-concept projects in the field of energy efficiency research.