Introducing Lustre 2.4

Latest version of the parallel distributed filesystem offers clustered metadata and ZFS support.

The non-profit group Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS) has announced the general availability of the Lustre 2.4 filesystem. Lustre is a parallel distributed filesystem intended for HPC environments.

The new release includes support for ZFS as a backing filesystem. The Distributed Namespace feature (formerly called Clustered Metadata) allows distribution of Lustre metadata across multiple servers. OpenSFS chairman Galen Shipman reports, "The Lustre 2.4 release includes both features that are long-requested and ones that further build the foundation for keye HPC and Big Data technology...This new release will futher enable Lustre to tacle a wide variety of challenges, most notably metadata-intensive Big Data workloads."

According to OpenSFS, Lustre is used in 7 out of the top 10 supercomputing sites and 60% of the top 100.