MarkLogic and SGI Announce DataRaptor

SGI DataRaptor is a single plug-and-play system designed to be scalable and generate Big Data results quickly.

The MarkLogic Corporation and SGI have announced the SGI DataRaptor with MarkLogic database. This integrated hardware and software solution is designed to allow organizations to generate reliable, scalable, and secure Big Data results more quickly and easily.

The appliance integrates the MarkLogic enterprise-grade NoSQL database and SGI systems. Standards-based hardware configurations were designed specifically for the MarkLogic database to ensure that SGI DataRaptor provides a single plug-and-play system that can be up and running in hours. According to the product announcement, SGI DataRaptor is ideally suited for Big Data analysis challenges, sophisticated search, and rapid development of applications in financial services, the public sector, and media and entertainment. Key features include ACID transactions, horizontal scaling, real-time indexing, high availability, disaster recovery, government-grade security, and built-in search.

SGI DataRaptor is available starting at five nodes with 80 cores – all software-installed – hundreds of terabytes of storage, SSDs for hardware caching, and network infrastructure, including switches – all integrated into standard racks. SGI DataRaptor comes in two configurations addressing either maximum performance or maximum capacity needs. Servers come with more than 300 processing cores and more than 2,600GB of memory, with storage ranging from 300 to more than 500TB of data capacity.