New Call for Climate Research

Sustainability project is part of President Obama’s Climate Data Initiative.

IBM has announced that it is making virtual supercomputing time available at no change to scientists with projects related to climate change. IBM’s World Community Grid project will manage the projects through its community grid computing network. According to IBM, “Each approved project will have access to up to 100,000 years of computing time at a value of $60 million.”
The World Community Grid is a crowd computing project, which uses unused cycles on thousands of computers around the world to perform HPC-style numeric calculations. The network contains nearly 3 million computers and mobile devices. All together, the grid forms what IBM calls, “one of the fastest virtual supercomputers on the planet ….” The goal of the project is to support scientists who don’t have funding for or access to the massive supercomputer resources necessary for advanced research. The World Community Grid has already been used for more than 20 research projects related to health and sustainability.
The latest climate change initiative coincides with President Obama’s announcement of Phase 2 of the Climate Data Initiative, a call for action to gather more information on climate change and its effects.  
See the World Community Grid website for more information on submitting a proposal.