New OpenMPI Improves FORTRAN Support

Latest release of the popular HPC-ready framework approaches full MPI 3 compliance.

The OpenMPI project has released version 1.7.4 of the HPC-friendly OpenMPI framework. OpenMPI is an open source implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI). According to published reports, the new release will bring OpenMPI closer to full MPI 3 compliance.
OpenMPI developer Jeff Squyres calls the latest version "a monster release" that "represents (thousands? millions?) of person-hours of work." The new release includes serveral changes, including support for Intel Phi, new MPI Java bindings, and more CUDA support. The project also continues to improve its support for FORTRAN, which is still in common use among scientific programmers. According to a report in the Register, Squyres is quoted as saying that "This is the first set of MPI-FORTRAN bindings that are actually compliant with the language."