Oracle Updates VM Server

Oracle rolls out a new version of their VM Server virtualization tool.

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle VM Server for x86 Release 3.1 – a virtualization solution designed to support rapid application deployment and simplify data center management from applications to disk.

According to the announcement, the new version features an enhanced user interface designed to simplify use for virtualization administrators and reduce deployment times. Other new features improve storage availability and backup support and hardware compatibility.

The intuitive user interface of Oracle VM 3.1 Manager provides streamlined wizards for easy access to tasks, fast completion of workflows and simple large-scale VM deployments in a web browser interface. Enhanced storage configuration capabilities allow external NFS access to virtual machine storage for easy backup. Additionally, iSCSI and Fibre Channel-based storage repositories can now be quickly copied or moved from one cluster and to another, including across a wide area network, to facilitate availability and disaster recovery.

“Oracle VM 3.1 introduces a number of user interface enhancements designed to improve ease of use for administrators, and storage related features that can increase flexibility when migrating Virtual Machine storage repositories. With this new release, customers should find it significantly easier to manage their applications and virtual environments and at the same time lower their cost,” said Wim Coekaerts, Senior Vice President of Oracle Linux and Virtualization. 

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