Pentaho Open Sources Big Data Capabilities

Pentaho Kettle 4.3 is open-sourced to Apache License v2.0.

Pentaho Corporation announced that it has open-sourced Pentaho Kettle 4.3 and has moved the entire Pentaho Kettle project to the Apache License, Version 2.0. According to the press release, the big data capabilities available under Pentaho Kettle 4.3 include the ability to input, output, manipulate, and report on data using the following Hadoop and NoSQL stores: Cassandra, Hadoop HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce, Hadapt, HBase, Hive, HPCC Systems, and MongoDB. Pentaho Kettle also includes job orchestration steps for Hadoop, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Pentaho MapReduce, HDFS File Operations, and Pig scripts. All major Hadoop distributions are supported.

The announcement states that Pentaho Kettle for Big Data allows improved productivity through the use of visual tools that eliminate the need to write code. It enables visual orchestration of big data tasks such as Hadoop MapReduce jobs, Pentaho MapReduce jobs, Pig scripts, Hive queries, and HBase queries. It also supports full data discovery and visualization capabilities of Pentaho Business Analytics, including reporting, dashboards, interactive data analysis, data mining, and predictive analysis.

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