President's 2017 Budget Increases HPC Spending by 50%

Future computing technologies will see a boost if NIST funding gets congressional approval.

President Obama’s budget for next year includes an increase in funding for HPC and future computing technologies of more than 50%. The funds for scientific computing are in the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) budget. Allotments for HPC and future computing technologies appear in several budget line items, but most notable is the budget for Measurement Science for Future Computing Technologies and Applications, which sees an increase from $13.6 million to $25.6 million. The total discretionary spending for NIST is $1 billion.

Of course, the president's proposed budget it a long way from being enacted, with the Republican-controlled congress vowing to challenge the president's funding priorities. Stay tuned for updates and see the article at the Scientific Computing website for additional information.