Rogue Wave Releases ThreadSpotter 2012.1

Rogue Wave Software releases ThreadSpotter 2012.1 with support for Cray Inc.’s line of Cray XE supercomputers.

According to the press release, Rogue Wave ThreadSpotter 2012.1 provides comprehensive performance optimization for single and multithreaded applications on Cray XE systems. The new version of ThreadSpotter has been modified to provide better support on ALPS and to work with schedulers/resource managers PBS Pro, MOAB/Torque, and SLURM. It also provides an updated CPU database that now includes AMD Bulldozer processors, Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge Processors, and IBM Power and BlueGene for cross-platform analysis.

According to Rogue Wave, ThreadSpotter helps eliminate performance issues by identifying problematic areas in the code where a change could make the program more efficient. Additionally, ThreadSpotter provides specific guidance on performance issues by identifying them, estimating each issue’s importance, and ranking the issues. ThreadSpotter then guides the developer to the spot in the source code where the issues are located. In many cases, ThreadSpotter also provides examples of how code or data structures can be changed to achieve better performance.