StackIQ Offers Enterprise HPC Product

While still offering the Rocks+ command-line interface, StackIQ Enterprise HPC features a new streamlined graphical user interface.

StackIQ has added StackIQ Enterprise HPC to their cluster management product line. According to the website, StackIQ Enterprise HPC “provides a complete, enterprise-grade HPC software solution on a single DVD.” The product lets you customize software stacks by choosing which “Rolls” to include in your setup. Besides the operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), you can choose which cluster middleware, compilers, applications, and communication libraries best suit your organization.

StackIQ Enterprise HPC features a new streamlined graphical user interface, while still offering the Rocks+ command-line interface. It includes updates to many modules, including: the HPC Roll (which contains a preconfigured OpenMPI environment), as well as the Intel, Dell, Univa Grid Engine, Moab, Mellanox, Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine, and CUDA Rolls. The product also offers advanced cluster diagnostics tools and advanced firewall configuration for better security.

Support for StackIQ Enterprise HPC is available in two options: Standard support assists organizations during proof-of-concept, staging, and deployment, while Enterprise Support additionally offers 24-hour support via email or phone – with up to one-hour response times for mission-critical issues.