TokuDB v6.0 Released

Tokutek releases TokuDB v6.0 for quick recovery after backup snapshots, up-to-date recovery points after a failure, and more.

Tokutek, a leader in high-performance and agile database storage engines, has announced the release of TokuDB v6.0 with high-performance replication for MySQL and MariaDB. According to the announcement, TokuDB v6.0 eliminates the problem of “slave lag,” in which a replication server is unable to keep up with the query load borne by the master server. The company states that TokuDB v6.0 solves this by offering high ingestion rates at the slave with best-in-class compression.

According to the announcement, with TokuDB v6.0, MySQL users benefit from “read scalability” (load balancing), which features replication to several slaves to help distribute read queries across several servers. For read-intensive applications, TokuDB v6.0 ensures that analysis and business reports on slaves act on fresh data. TokuDB also offers quick recovery after backup snapshots and up-to-date recovery points after a failure. In version 6.0, TokuDB’s compression performance is more aggressive, with compression levels up to 25x. 

Additionally, TokuDB v6.0 provides better in-memory and point-query performance, two-phase commit for XA, support for MySQL v5.5 (and v5.1) and MariaDB v5.2, and improved checkpoint variability. You can download a free trial of TokuDB and get more information from: