US Air Force Announces New Grants for Quantum Research

US teams will collaborate with Korean counterparts.

The US Air Force Research Laboratory’s Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFRL/AFOSR), the National Research Foundation of Korea (NFR), and the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Technology Planning and Evaluation (IITP) have announced a new program for three-year research grants in quantum information science and technologies. The grants are part of an ongoing partnership between the US Department of Defense and the Korean institutions.

All applications must have a minimum of two co-principal investigators, one from a US institution and one from a Korean institution. Each team must submit a white paper with a technical narrative of not more than three pages by March 10, 2021.

According to AFOSR director Dr. Sherry Welsh, “AFOSR continues to expand and enhance strategic engagement with our international partners through the dedicated efforts of our International Science Division’s global sites. Our international program officers create programmatic opportunities to discover bold, high-risk, high-reward research that will modernize our Air and Space Forces.”

See the AFOSR website for additional information on the program.