US Department of Energy Announces $10.5 Million Grant for Advanced Energy Research

New initiative will bring synergies by integrating scientists, engineers, and applied mathematicians.

The US Department of Energy has announced a $10.5 million grant to expand the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA). CAMERA was originally launched at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, but the goal of this grant is to “transform CAMERA into a national resource across DOE computational, network, and light source facilities.”

The goal of CAMERA is to assemble teams of applied mathematicians, experimental scientists, computational physicists, computer scientists, and software engineers to promote “bold, innovative projects with the potential for high scientific impact.”

According to David Brown, director of the Berkeley Labs Computational Research Division, “With this new round of funding, CAMERA is poised to expand its initial efforts, tackle mathematical challenges that naturally emerge from evolving experimental needs, support visiting scientists and postdoctoral fellows from other labs and facilities, and provide a curated software portal for advanced algorithms built by the community to meet these data challenges.”