US Government Gives AMD $3.1 Million Grant

DesignForward project will focus on interconnect architectures and data transfer technologies.

AMD will receive a grant of $3.1 million as part of the US government's DesignForward program. The grant is jointly funded by the US Department of Energy Office of Science and the US National Nuclear Security Administration.
The DesignForward program aims to support the evolution of critical technologies necessary for extreme-scale computing. The focus is on "interconnect architectures and technologies needed to support the data transfer capabilities in extreme-computing environments." AMD corporate vice president Alan Lee adds, "This award will enable AMD to continue important research to help realize the enormous potential of extreme-scale computing."
According to the press release, the grant is part of DOE's strategic plan to "...address the nation’s most pressing scientific challenges by advancing simulation-based scientific discovery made possible by the world’s highest performing Exascale computers. Among its priorities are: advancing medical research, alternative energy and energy storage materials, industrial design and more precise models for climate and weather change."