XSEDE Releases Toolset

The new tools will improve compatibility of local campus clusters with the XSEDE supercomputer network.

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) has released a new set of tools to help campus sys admins install XSEDE cluster software on their local lab cluster. XSEDE supports 16 supercomputer sites and other "high-end visualization and data analysis resources" around the US. The new tools are designed to better integrate campus clusters that might not be fully compatible with the XSEDE system.
According to XSEDE, "The US has thousands of academic computing clusters, each with software setups that are very different from the supercomputing systems connected to XSEDE....XSEDE's new tools, called the Basic XSEDE-Compatible Cluster Software Stack" offer a solution. The idea is that a command that works on an XSEDE cluster will work in a similar way...on a local cluster set up with the basic XSEDE-compatible capabilities. With the XSEDE cluster softawre stack, researchers and students need only learn a command once because that same command works in several places."
For more information on XSEDE's new tools, visit the XSEDE repository or contact XSEDE's campus bridging hotline at campusbridging@xsede.org.