An Introduction to SymPy


The SymPy library has very interesting symbolic manipulation capabilities, only a few of which I demonstrated here. With SymPy you can create many other, much more complex, expressions. In addition to the references already mentioned, you will find an interesting introduction to the Python language for science and engineering in Chapter 12 (dedicated to SymPy) of the online book Python for Computational Science and Engineering. Also, you can purchase a nice book on Applied Differential Equations at your favorite bookstore. Although that author used another well-known free and open source computer algebra system called Maxima, as well as various other commercial software, for the examples in his book, you can check out his comprehensive online SymPy tutorials (part 1 and part 2). I hope this article will stimulate your curiosity in this computer algebra system for complex mathematics.

The Author

Stefano Rizzi works in the areas of analytical chemistry and textile chemistry. He has been a Linux user since 1998.