Altair Releases a Version of Radioss as Open Source

The new OpenRadioss project will offer advanced dynamic finite element modeling without the cost of commercial licensing.

Altair has announced that they are releasing a version of the Radioss finite element analysis dynamic simulation tool as open source. The new project will take the name OpenRadioss. Radioss is used by vehicle and equipment vendors as well as other manufacturers to simulate crashes, “hard” landings, and other similar events. The versatile Radioss also has a role in modeling impact events within the electronics industry.

The arrival of OpenRadioss offers the chance for university students and users at smaller research institutions to gain first-hand experience with the sophisticated dynamic modeling techniques used in industry. Altair also hopes releasing the code as an open source project will spur further development and innovation from a diverse global community of users. For more information, see Altair’s press release. The software is available for download now at the OpenRadioss website.