OpenPOWER Foundation Announces Conference on Artificial Intelligence

May 22-25 event will highlight deep learning and machine learning themes.

The OpenPOWER Foundation has announced a developer conference focused on artificial intelligence issues. The OpenPOWER Foundation Developer Congress will take place on May 22-25 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California.

According to the press release, conference participants will “have the opportunity to learn and gain first-hand insights from the creators of some of the most advanced technology currently driving Deep Learning, AI, and Machine Learning.”

Important themes for the conference include:

  • Deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence through GPU acceleration and OpenACC
  • The latest techniques on how to design, train, and deploy neural network-powered machine learning in applications.
  • Deploying a fully optimized and supported platform for machine learning with IBM's PowerAI, which supports the most popular machine learning frameworks – Anaconda, Caffe, Chainer, TensorFlow, and Theano
  • Custom acceleration for AI through FPGAs
  • Databases and data analytics
  • Porting, optimization, developer tools, and techniques
  • Firmware and OpenBMC

The OpenPOWER Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting and inspiring technologies based on the POWER processor architecture. For more information on the Developer Congress, see the OpenPOWER Foundation website.