Quantum Computing Meets Wall Street

New Quantum for Quants community will bring quantum computing tools, simulators, and other resources to problems of the financial industry.

The Quantum Computing company D-Wave has teamed with quantum software vendor 1QBit to launch Quantum for Quants, a new online community that will apply the tools and technologies of the fledgling quantum computing industry to computational problems arising from the financial industry.

According to the press announcement, experts in finance, mathematicians, computer scientists, and physicists, will act as editors and content contributors for the community. Visitors will have access to an interactive notebook of tools developed by 1QBit that will allow them to “explore applications of quantum software.”

According to D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell, “We co-founded Quantum for Quants as a way to bring together such experts and to provide resources and connections that can't be found anywhere else. In addition, when we find problems being discussed in the forums that are a good fit for D-Wave's quantum technology and have been vetted by the community, we can move them from the simulators and run them on D-Wave hardware.”