RAID Inc. Announces New RAID Solution

RAID Incorporated announces a new RAID solution for the company’s high-performance Xanadu series storage solutions.

According to the announcement, this new RAID approach relies on a larger disk pool rather than a volume group, so no decisions about RAID level, resiliency, load balancing, or hot spares are needed. Volume data is distributed across randomly selected drives in the pool. According to the company, you can just add drives to increase pool capacity with automatic data redistribution to maintain equilibrium. Upon disk failure, segments on other disks are read to recreate data.

“This technology is ideal for the most basic environments that need RAID technology because of its ease of use and resiliency to supercomputers that demand extreme uptime and performance,” said Dr. Nilay Roy, RAID Inc. CTO.

The new RAID level features simplified storage and data management and improved data protection, with shorter rebuild times and reduced risk of multiple disk failures. Additionally, improved performance eliminates hot spots by spreading the volume over more disks.

Earlier this year, RAID Incorporated announced other enhancements to its high-performance Xanadu 200 and 300 Series storage solutions to address the needs of HPC, Big Data, and virtualized environments. According to the company, the new SANtricity management feature includes improved data protection, performance, and management capabilities. Additionally, Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) provide customers with enhanced data and performance protection. DDP reconstructs failed drives, returning a storage system to optimal conditions following a drive failure up to eight times faster than with traditional RAID architectures. The company states that DDP can reduce the performance impact from a drive failure by nearly 60%, which allows Big Data customers to maintain performance continuity and reduce overall storage system costs.