Zettaset Releases Orchestrator v5

Zettaset announces the release of Orchestrator v5, the latest version of Hadoop’s big data management platform.

The announcement describes Zettaset Orchestrator v5 as “a distribution-agnostic management platform that uses software to automate, simplify, and accelerate Hadoop deployment, eliminating the traditional reliance on professional services.”

Zettaset Orchestrator v5 addresses the security gaps and vulnerabilities that exist in all Apache-based Hadoop distributions. “With Orchestrator v5, enterprises can now confidently deploy distributed Hadoop clusters in environments that require high levels of security and compliance, such as finance, healthcare, retail, and government,” said Jim Vogt, president and CEO of Zettaset.

Orchestrator v5 offers several new features, including support for LDAP and Active Directory, which allows Hadoop clusters to be integrated with existing security policies within the enterprise. It includes centralized configuration management, logging, and auditing, which allows Hadoop clusters to meet compliance requirements for reporting and forensics. And, according to the announcement, role-based access control significantly improves user authentication and access and allows Kerberos to be run against all components of a big data ecosystem, not just Hadoop.