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Article from ADMIN 43/2018
Electron app vulnerability, WordPress sites infected by malware, Torvalds calls Intel's patch garbage, AMT flaw in Intel chips allows attacker to create a backdoor, and first malware for Mac OS in 2018.

Electron App Vulnerable to Recode Code Execution Vulnerability

Electron, an open source web application platform for creating cross-platform applications, has reported a critical vulnerability that affects Windows users. The remote code execution vulnerability affects several popular apps, including Skype, Slack, and Signal.

"A remote code execution vulnerability has been discovered, affecting Electron apps that use custom protocol handlers. This vulnerability has been assigned the CVE identifier CVE-2018-1000006," wrote Electron in a blog post.

The vulnerability affects every Electron app that runs on Windows and registers as the default handler for a protocol, like MyApp.

According to Electron, "Such apps can be affected regardless of how the protocol is registered, e.g. using native code, the Windows registry, or Electron's app.setAsDefaultProtocolClient API."

Electron has released a new version of the framework that fixes the vulnerability. If you work on Windows and are using Electron to build your apps, please update to the latest version immediately. Linux and Mac OS users are not affected by the vulnerability.

More than 2,000 WordPress Sites Infected by Malware

If you are a WordPress admin, you need to check if your site is infected by the infamous malware.

A few month ago, researchers at Sucuri, a web security company, discovered two infections related to The company reports that the malware and attack are back.

The malware is a bigger threat to WordPress-powered sites that offer e-commerce services because it is designed to steal payment details. "If hackers manage to steal the admin credentials, they can just log into the site without relying on a flaw to break into the site," wrote The Hacker

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