Forensic Analysis on Linux

In computer forensics, memory analysis is becoming increasingly important as a means for investigating security incidents. In this article, we provide an overview of the various memory dumping options on Linux and introduce the support in Linux for the Volatility Analysis Framework.

Access Anywhere with Mobile IPv6

IPv6 includes Mobile IPv6, a new standard for communication with mobile devices, which ensures permanent accessibility regardless of your current location. In this article, we provide an overview of Mobile IPv6 functionality.

SHA-3 – The New Hash Standard

NIST has chosen the Keccak algorithm as the new cryptographic hash standard, but in real life, many users are still waiting to move to its predecessor, SHA-2.

Two-Factor Authentication

Making your systems really secure can be a bit more complicated than resorting to the use of regular passwords. In this article, we provide an overview of authentication solutions and present potential approaches for common use cases.

Advanced Security in Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security was introduced in Vista/Windows Server 2008. Compared with the old Windows Firewall, it offers many new features and possibilities.

Uncovering SQL Injections

Hardly a day goes by without reports of hackers breaking into government, military, or enterprise servers. If you analyze the details of the hacker’s approach, you will see that, in 90 percent of all cases, SQL injection was the root cause of a server’s compromise.

A Substitute for cron

Cron jobs are essential to managing Linux and Unix systems; however, the syntax is limited and prone to errors. A modern cron substitute – Whenjobs – sets out to remove these weaknesses.

TCP Fast Open

With TCP Fast Open, Google introduces a protocol extension implemented in the Linux kernel that avoids unnecessary latency in network traffic and promises up to 41 percent acceleration, depending on the application.

CoffeeScript: A Replacement for JavaScript?

Through the years, many languages have tried to improve or even replace JavaScript, including CoffeeScript, which runs in all JavaScript Runtime Environments and compiles into JavaScript.


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