Red Hat Rolls Out New PaaS App Store

15.04.2014 17:03

The OpenShift Marketplace brings third-party products to Red Hat's platform-as-a-service environment.

Linux 3.15 Kernel Starts 10 Times Faster

15.04.2014 14:02

New patch could end user complaints about slow return from suspend.

New Encryption System Prevents Server Snooping

01.04.2014 17:12

MIT's innovative Mylar platform encrypts at the browser and supports keyword searches over encrypted documents.

Cisco Announces $1 Billion Cloud Investment

01.04.2014 17:06

New Intercloud will offer services on a global scale and full compliance with local sovereignty laws.

Fedora Announces Innovative Crytography Policy System

18.03.2014 16:28

New crypto policy system will offer easier configuration and more uniform security.

Shuttleworth Calls for Declarative Firmware

18.03.2014 16:26

Ubuntu founder denounces insecurity in proprietary, close-source software blobs.

Devilish DNS Attack Compromises 300,000 SoHo Routers

04.03.2014 17:21

Pharming scheme lets attackers replace any URL with a malicious copycat site.

60% of SQL Developers Fail Competence Test

04.03.2014 16:47

SQL expert announces the results of the 3-minute test he gave to 28,000 SQL developers.

Apache Spark Graduates from Incubator

18.02.2014 15:57

Cool Big Data analysis framework offers up to 100x speed increase over ordinary MapReduce.

Ubuntu Abandons Upstart

18.02.2014 15:36

Shuttleworth throws in the towel on Ubuntu's effort to replace init.