Linux Gets Live Kernel Patching

17.02.2015 16:04

Patching without rebooting reaches the official Linux kernel.

Red Hat Announces Enterprise OpenStack Platform 6

17.02.2015 15:15

New release will help existing Red Hat networks integrate OpenStack cloud technology.

glibc Vulnerability Puts Certain Linux Systems at Risk

03.02.2015 14:55

Security flaw allows remote execution of unpatched systems.

LibreOffice 4.4 Arrives

03.02.2015 13:59

Free productivity suite comes with improved interoperability features.

Most Malware Alerts are Erroneous

20.01.2015 15:44

Enterprise IT companies spend more time investigating erroneous alerts than investigating real threats.

Google and Microsoft Patch Spat

20.01.2015 15:02

Windows vulnerabilities announced to public before patches are ready.

Intel Releases New Chip Series

06.01.2015 14:50

Broadwell series offers faster boot time and better 3D graphics.

Fedora 21 Released

09.12.2014 16:04

Red Hat-based Free distro takes a big step into the cloud.

Turla Malware Variant Targets Linux

09.12.2014 15:19

Weird trojan executes arbitrary commands without elevated privileges.

Firefox Ditches Google

25.11.2014 16:29

The Mozilla Foundation signs on with Yahoo! as the default US search provider.