New Version of the Spectre Vulnerability Allows Attack from the Network

31.07.2018 21:48

Net Spectre attack adds a new dimension to the Spectre fiasco .

Microsoft Snaps PowerShell

31.07.2018 21:44

You can now install PowerShell on Ubuntu using a Snap package.

Walmart Stops Shopping at Amazon

17.07.2018 23:05

The company is moving to Microsoft Azure.

Two New Variants of Spectre Discovered

17.07.2018 23:02

Intel paid $100,000 to researchers for finding the flaw.

Flaws in the LTE Mobile Communication Standard

02.07.2018 19:02

Researchers showed that an attacker can identify users and redirect them to malicious websites.

SUSE Sold for $2.5 Billion

02.07.2018 18:57

SUSE sees the change an opportunity for more independence.

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 3.0 Embraces Containers

20.06.2018 13:55

Hortonworks goes deeper into containerization, cloud, and GPU utilization.

Docker Introduces New Template Feature

20.06.2018 13:52

Create your own Docker containers without the need for Dockerfiles or Docker commands

Sonic and Ultrasonic Signals Can Crash Your Hard Drive

05.06.2018 16:21

Your laptop speakers are capable of destroying your hard drive.

Microsoft Acquires GitHub

05.06.2018 16:14

Microsoft paid over $7.5 billion for GitHub.