Microsoft Issues Emergency Security Update for Windows

10.05.2017 13:47

It’s unusual for the company to release a patch so quickly.

Intel Has a Serious Remote Management Problem

10.05.2017 13:40

Intel chips with AMT technology are vulnerable to remote attacks.

The Linux Foundation and Microsoft Offer IoT Platforms

25.04.2017 21:42

Both Microsoft and the Linux Foundation have announced separate IoT-related projects.

Microsoft Brings Linux Containers to Windows Server

25.04.2017 21:39

Hyper-V isolation technology allows thousands of Linux containers to run on Windows Server.

Serious Flaw in Microsoft Word is Being Used to Install Malware

11.04.2017 21:22

Microsoft supposedly knew about the flaw since January. 

End of an Era: Windows Vista Comes to an End

11.04.2017 21:19

Microsoft stops all updates for Windows Vista this week.

Hackers Threaten to Wipe More Than 300 Million Apple Devices Remotely

29.03.2017 13:57

A group of hackers claim to hold hostage millions of Apple devices and are demanding a ransom from Apple.

DoubleAgent: Unpatchable Windows Vulnerability Discovered

28.03.2017 21:32

The vulnerability affects everything between Windows 10 and Windows XP

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday is Back

14.03.2017 23:38

Microsoft missed the entire month of February, leaving Windows users exposed to attacks.

FBI Refuses to Release the Tool Used to Hack Terrorist’s iPhone

14.03.2017 23:31

Feds believe that tools can still be used to unlock devices for investigations.