SUSE Enterprise Linux Server Comes to Raspberry Pi

23.11.2016 15:50

Now you can run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on your Pi – free.

Windows Vulnerability Lets Arbitrary Code Run in Kernel Mode

09.11.2016 15:09

Google gave Microsoft 10 days to patch the security hole

Google Patches and Doesn’t Patch Dirty COW Bug

09.11.2016 15:03

Google has released a supplement patch for its own Nexus and Pixel devices.

IoT Devices Used to Bring Down the Internet

26.10.2016 15:14

Attackers used IoT devices to launch a wave of massive DDoS attacks on a DNS service provider

Viewing a JPEG File May Compromise iOS Devices

26.10.2016 15:07

iOS users should update devices immediately

Samsung Kills Galaxy Note 7 Phone

12.10.2016 15:11

The company can't seem to determine  why the Galaxy Note 7 is exploding.

Artificial Intelligence is Coming to Microsoft Office 365

28.09.2016 13:56

Instead of using AI to beat humans in games of chess, Microsoft is putting AI to real work.

Docker to Power Containers in Windows Server 2016

28.09.2016 13:50

Containers are no longer exclusive to Linux

It’s Official: No Headphone Jacks in New iPhones.

14.09.2016 15:18

Apple has announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Microsoft Patches Three-Year-Old IE Bug

14.09.2016 15:09

Criminals were already exploiting the vulnerability