Microsoft Announces New PowerShell

23.12.2015 16:06

Latest version includes role-based access control and other important updates.

Linux Foundation Launches Blockchain Initiative

23.12.2015 13:48

New collaboration will expand the technology behind Bitcoin to work with other industries.

72% of Organizations Collect Data They Will Never Use

09.12.2015 14:44

Survey blames lack of Big Data skill and problems with the organizational culture.

Malware Hijacks Windows Boot Process

09.12.2015 14:18

Conventional scanning techniques can't discover the weird Nemesis “bootkit.”

Red Hat Releases RHEL 7.2

25.11.2015 13:23

Newest enterprise system comes with faster networking, better container support, and compatibility with the new Insight analytics tool.

Dell Systems Ship with Faulty Root Certificate

24.11.2015 23:19

Security hole lets an attacker impersonate a trusted site.

Ransomware Reaches Linux

11.11.2015 15:25

New attack grabs Linux server data and demands 1 Bitcoin.

ProtonMail Endures Massive DDoS Attack

11.11.2015 14:35

Takedown of secure email service indicates many more mail vendors might be at risk.

Ubuntu 15.10 “Wily Werewolf” Appears

28.10.2015 14:33

Focus is on cloud and OpenStack as Canonical plugs away at the Unity desktop and adds the 4.2 kernel

Time Protocol Threat Could Allow Login with Expired Passwords

28.10.2015 13:38

Timely warning sheds new light on problems with the ubiquitous Network Time Protocol