Microsoft Offers Preview of Azure File Sync and PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

26.09.2017 21:13

Both products are available immediately as a public preview.

Microsoft is Building a Programming Language for Quantum Computers

26.09.2017 21:10

The language is expected to be available later this year.

FDA Recalls Nearly Half a Million Pacemakers Over Security Concerns

11.09.2017 14:38

A review by FDA found serious vulnerabilities in six devices by Abbott.

Microsoft Brings Azure App Service to Linux

11.09.2017 14:34

Developers can easily deploy their web apps at scale.

VMware Brings Its Cloud to AWS

30.08.2017 13:54

VMware Cloud on AWS runs directly on the physical hardware to avoid nested virtualization.

OpenStack Pike Is Released

30.08.2017 13:48

The latest release of the open source private cloud software delivers composable infrastructure services and improved lifecycle management.

HPE Sends a Supercomputer into Space

15.08.2017 21:52

A step for SpaceX and a giant leap for supercomputers.

Microsoft Releases .NET Core 2.0 and Visual Studio

15.08.2017 21:47

.NET Core 2 is available for Linux, macOS, Windows, and Docker.

Now Everyone Can Run Linux Tools on Windows 10

02.08.2017 13:55

Windows Subsystem for Linux is out of beta.

Sys Admins Will Love Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4

02.08.2017 13:50

The new release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux comes with a lot of security and automation features.