Qualcomm Bug Threatens Millions of Android Devices

10.05.2016 21:39

A five-year-old bug allows attackers to take control of Android phones

Windows 10 Pro Loses Critical Features

10.05.2016 21:17

Admins can no longer control user access to Windows Store

JBoss Vulnerability Could Lead to SamSam Ransomware

26.04.2016 18:00

A JBoss vulnerability has exposed millions of servers to a SamSam ransomware attack

New Exploit Bypasses Windows AppLocker

26.04.2016 17:58

The vulnerability allows attackers to install any app on Windows systems.

Apple Patches Bug that Allows Full Access to iMessage Data

12.04.2016 21:16

Bad  Mac bug lets  attackers gain access to message content s  and attachments

Adobe Releases an Emergency Flash Player Update

12.04.2016 21:12

U pdate patches a critical vulnerability that might invite ransomware

French Government Denounces DNS Transition Plan

30.03.2016 12:57

Paris officials fear the privatization of Internet naming authority

New Ransomware Infects by Using MS Word Macros

30.03.2016 12:27

Murky malware starts a PowerShell session to deliver malicious code and lock up data

Dedicated DNS

16.03.2016 19:00

A SaaS DNS solution deployed on customer-controlled infrastructure

Coding Flaw in Git Could Lead to Buffer Overflow

16.03.2016 14:55

Users with version 2.7.0 or earlier are encouraged to upgrade.