Microsoft Patches Three-Year-Old IE Bug

14.09.2016 15:09

Criminals were already exploiting the vulnerability

Opera’s Password Sync Service Compromised

31.08.2016 14:56

Breach could affect more than  1.7 million users

Serious iOS Vulnerability Discovered

31.08.2016 14:46

A zero-day vulnerability in iOS was exploited to attack a  human rights activist

Is Google Working on a New Operating System?

17.08.2016 14:23

The fully open-sourced operating system doesn’t use the Linux kernel.

More Than 80% of Android Devices at Risk of Attack

17.08.2016 14:08

A serious TCP flaw in the Linux kernel leaves these devices susceptible to spying.

Telegram Accounts Hacked in Iran

03.08.2016 14:55

SMS authentication helps attackers  gain access to user accounts

Jeep Cherokee Hacked Again

03.08.2016 14:46

Cybersecurity researchers share their findings at the Black Hat conference

Happy SysAdmin Day

28.07.2016 16:32

Download a free gift to celebrate SysAdmin Day, a special day dedicated to system administrators around the world. Splunk and Linux New Media are partnering once again to provide a free digital special edition for the tireless and dedicated professionals who keep the networks running: “5 Cool Security Tools for the Busy Admin.”

Pokemon Go Hacked

20.07.2016 15:51

Cell phone game sensation raises questions about security and privacy

Ubuntu Forums Breached Again

20.07.2016 15:50

Canonical’s failure to patch the forum software leads to the intrusion