Microsoft Snaps PowerShell

31.07.2018 21:44

You can now install PowerShell on Ubuntu using a Snap package.

Happy SysAdmin Day 2018!

26.07.2018 22:05

Download a free gift to celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day, a special day dedicated to system administrators around the world. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and ADMIN Network & Security are partnering to provide another installment of the ADMIN "Terrific Tools" series, dedicated to the tireless professionals who keep our networks alive and well.

Walmart Stops Shopping at Amazon

17.07.2018 23:05

The company is moving to Microsoft Azure.

Two New Variants of Spectre Discovered

17.07.2018 23:02

Intel paid $100,000 to researchers for finding the flaw.

Flaws in the LTE Mobile Communication Standard

02.07.2018 19:02

Researchers showed that an attacker can identify users and redirect them to malicious websites.

SUSE Sold for $2.5 Billion

02.07.2018 18:57

SUSE sees the change an opportunity for more independence.

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 3.0 Embraces Containers

20.06.2018 13:55

Hortonworks goes deeper into containerization, cloud, and GPU utilization.

Docker Introduces New Template Feature

20.06.2018 13:52

Create your own Docker containers without the need for Dockerfiles or Docker commands

Sonic and Ultrasonic Signals Can Crash Your Hard Drive

05.06.2018 16:21

Your laptop speakers are capable of destroying your hard drive.

Microsoft Acquires GitHub

05.06.2018 16:14

Microsoft paid over $7.5 billion for GitHub.