Write for Us!

Tutorials, reviews, overviews as well as case studies and news are always needed.

We can handle any type of submission but prefer email . Screenshots are always welcome. Try to give us some help by mentioning the subject in the header of the email.

General Guidance

Articles are usually about 800 words per page, although code listings and images will reduce this. If possible try to write full pages.

As we sell in many countries and translate into other languages try not to write in slang or use too many idioms. Try to plan ahead. By the time the magazine reaches your desk it has gone through many stages from production, printing and distribution. This means if you say something will happen next week in an article, in the magazine on your desk that date has already passed.

Please send in your proposals to  edit@admin-magazine.com .

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  • Write for Us

    Write for Us!

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