Windows Server 2012 Administration

Get Ready: Windows Server 2012, formerly known as Windows Server 8, is on its way.

Sort Out the Top from the Bottom

As sure as the sun rises each morning, you can be certain that, at some point, an admin will need to diagnose why a failing server is overloaded and being worked too hard.

Virsh Libvert Tool

With the command-line tool virsh, a part of the libvirt library, you can query virtual machines to discover their state of health, launch or shut down virtual machines, and perform other tasks – all of which can be conveniently scripted.

PowerShell Part 3: Keeping PowerShell in the Loop

PowerShell’s ability to use loops extends its reach to remote systems and performs repetitive operations.

Pen Test Tips

The powerful Metasploit framework helps you see your network as an intruder would see it. You might discover it is all too easy to get past your own defenses.

RAM Revealed

Virtualized systems are inflationary when it comes to RAM requirements. Storage access is faster when excess RAM is used as a page cache, and having enough RAM helps avoid the dreaded performance killer, swapping. We take a look at the current crop of RAM.

PowerShell Part 2: Manipulating Services, Processes, and Commands

In this installment of our multipart PowerShell series, you learn how to control services, processes, and commands on your local and remote systems.


Generations of web admins have used phpMyAdmin or SQL Buddy to communicate with their databases. Newcomer Chive has the potential to send the legacy tools into early retirement, thanks to its state-of-the-art Ajax interface and impressive feature scope.

Autoconfiguring IPv6 Clients

Most clients on a network need both an address and some environmental information such as a name server or a web proxy. This article investigates whether a recent operating system on an IPv6-only LAN can handle this.

Customizing PortSentry

Do you have a sentry to keep an eye on your servers? We’ll show you how to customize PortSentry’s response to suspicious activity.