EFF Releases HTTPS Everyhwere Firefox Plugin

05.08.2011 09:43

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released the HTTPS Everywhere plugin to increase security on the web.

Microsoft Announces "BlueHat" Prize for Better Security Solutions

05.08.2011 09:25

Microsoft is offering a total of more than $250,000 in cash for innovative ways to defend computer systems against online attacks.

DRBD Management Console Can Now Handle LVM Volumes

05.08.2011 09:13

With the latest release of the DRBD management console administrators can manage logical volumes, too.

Nexentastor 3.1 Gets Faster

02.08.2011 09:45

The latest version of Nexentastor accelerates iSCSI among other improvements.

Facebook Moves Data Center: How to Migrate 30 PB of Stored Data

02.08.2011 09:07

When Facebook moved their servers to a new data center they had to migrate 30 PB of data.

JDK 7 Released

29.07.2011 12:10

The latest Java Development Kit 7 ships with a bunch of new features. 

Happy Sys Admin Day!

28.07.2011 20:26

To help you ring in the day of the admin, Advanced Clustering Technologies and ADMIN magazine are offering the latest issue of ADMIN absolutely free!

HP Joins Open Stack Cloud Computing Project

28.07.2011 11:58

HP wants to play an active role in the development of the Open Stack cloud computing framework.

Mac OS X Lion Server Ditches MySQL in Favour of PostgreSQL

28.07.2011 11:25

In the server version of the latest OS X Apple has replaced the MySQL database server by PostgreSQL.

Suricata Intrusion Detection System Fixes Bugs

27.07.2011 07:01

Version 1.0.5 of the Suricata IDS includes important bug fixes.