Reinvent your network with DevOps tools and techniques:


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    DevOps makes IT departments more efficient and makes their employees happier – but what is it? We describe some basic ingredients of the DevOps recipe.
  • Common DevOps Mistakes
    From industry metaphors, to agile processes, to DevOps, software development is evolving into a mature enterprise. We point out some missteps in the adoption of the DevOps methodology.
  • Container technology and work organization
    DevOps and container technology often appear together. If you have one of them, you get the other automatically. However, as the following plea for reason shows, it isn't always that simple.
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    Ansible is a simple and sensible automation solution, as long as you don’t need to spend a lot of time creating new roles and playbooks. DebOps is a convenient collection of Ansible playbooks for Debian-based Linux systems.
  • Safeguard and scale containers
    Security, deployment, and updates for thousands of nodes prove challenging in practice, but with CoreOS and Kubernetes, you can orchestrate container-based web applications in large landscapes.
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