OpenStack workshop, part 3:Gimmicks, extensions, and high availability

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Looking Forward

The one very noticeable issue with the suggested VM HA mechanism is that it only allows a collective move of all VMs from the failed host to another host. It would make more sense for OpenStack to take care of this itself and use its own scheduler to distribute the VMs to multiple hosts with free resources. Folsom is unlikely ever to have this function, but Grizzly already implements a corresponding feature: The evacuate function will stop precisely this gap. It is still too early to investigate its suitability for everyday use, but if you intend to take a closer look at OpenStack in the future, you have plenty to look forward to.


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The Author

Martin Gerhard Loschwitz works as a Principal Consultant at hastexo, where his work focuses on high-availability solutions. In his spare time, he maintains the Linux Cluster Stack for Debian GNU/Linux.

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