Backup Test

Backup is very important

If you are interested in Backup Test:

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Move It!

U-Tools Software's U-Move promises significantly simplified backups and restores of Microsoft's directory service in the event of a disaster, during migrations, and when setting up test environments.
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Keep More Data

A sound backup strategy with appropriate hardware and software ensures you can backup and restore your data rapidly and reliably.
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Obstacle Course

We test two candidates for viewing and converting video DVDs and Blu-ray discs, HandBrake and MakeMKV, and point out legal hurdles.
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Rescue Approach

In cloud computing practice, backups are important in several ways: Customers want to secure their data, and vendors want to secure the essential details of their platforms. Rescue yourself, if you can.

Autonomous File Recovery

Let users recover a deleted file without admin intervention by aliasing the rm command with mv or by writing your own script that moves the data to another location.


Safe Circuit

Redo Backup backs up complete hard drives locally or over a network. The focus is on simple operation and high reliability in a variety of deployment scenarios.
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Sky Blue

Microsoft offers the Windows Azure Backup service, which lets you back up data from servers in the cloud. This removes the need for your own infrastructure, and the service alleviates privacy concerns by using continuous encryption.

Incremental Backups on Linux

Although commercial Linux backup tools are available, many people prefer open source to better understand and control the backup process. One open source tool that can do both full and incremental backups is rsync.


Better Backups

Available on almost all platforms, the open source backup software Bacula is popular with many administrators – now the Bareos fork is poised to expand its leading role.



ownCloud is an alternative to the many online storage services whose data protection promises could turn out to be as nebulous as their offerings.

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